About Us

Here at ‘Gold Land Developers’, we believe in change for the better, and are constantly challenging tradition. We have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates and do business differently to give you the edge.

What is a lead?

A lead (also known as sales/rental-lead) is a message or inquiry received from a potential customer that may help you to covert that person (or business) into a sales’ prospect and eventually generate sales. In short a lead is the first step towards making actual sales. At gldevelopers you will be getting a steady stream of inquiries via phone and e-mails (sent by those who are interested in buying or renting the properties you’ve listed at gldeveloper, you can save these inquiries as leads and work on them to lure these potential customers into buying or renting from you.

What is a client?

Clients are your customers or people interested in your property and in general are of two types. The first type is one who has already dealt with you in the past i.e. an existing customer and the second type is a person who can be a potential customer and has contacted you via your listing at gldevelopers

What payment options are available?

You can make payments by depositing cash, cheque or wire/transfer the funds directly into our bank account. Wiring instructions and bank account details will be provided at the time of payment.

What do the different control symbols mean?
  This icon shows property details including property details, client details or listing owner details.
  Click on this button if you need to edit the property details.
  This is the delete icon used to delete a property, clients etc.
  Click on this icon to un-delete or restore a deleted property.
  This icon shows that the particular listing has been turned into a hot property.
  Click on this icon when you want to feature that property as a hot property. A single credit will be deducted automatically from your quota of hot listings.
  This icon will show you any comments either added by our staff or generated by the system for a property listing.
  Clicking on this button will forward the uploaded listings to our staff for approval.

Gold land, since 2008, is a safe and trustworthy agency

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